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SPORTS Archives for 2020-03

The Olympics have been postponed until July 23 2021

UNDATED (AP) — Tokyo Olympics organizers have rescheduled the Summer Games that were postponed last week by the coronavirus. Organizers say the opening ceremony will take place on July 23, 2021, almost one year to the day the games originally were due to begin. All sports federations involved in the Olympics signed off on the new dates.


UNDATED (AP) — The NCAA will permit spring sport athletes who had their seasons shortened by the coronavirus outbreak to have an additional year of eligibility. The NCAA Division I Council has voted to give college athletes who compete in spring sports such as baseball, softball and lacrosse a way to get back the season they lost. However, the council did not guarantee financial aid. Winter sports were not included in the decision.



Tonight on WPXN it’s NASCAR Live. Get the latest news in NASCAR from 6-7.


Iconic Harlem Globetrotter Curly Neal has died

Iconic Harlem Globetrotters player Fred “Curly” Neal has died at 77, according to the team. The dribbling wizard played for the Globetrotters from 1963-85, appearing in more than 6,000 games in 97 countries for the exhibition team known for its combination of comedy and athleticism. He became one of five Globetrotters to have his jersey retired when his No. 22 was lifted to the rafters during a special ceremony at Madison Square Garden in 2008. Neal was a crowd favorite with his trademark shaved head, infectious smile and ability to dribble circles around would-be defenders.


Sunday on WPXN will be a classic NASCAR Series Race from Performance Racing Network from noon-3pm.


MLB is being presented the idea of 7 inning double headers to help get the entire season in


Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins is pitching an idea to help big league teams squeeze in more games once the season resumes. Atkins is floating the prospect of playing seven-inning doubleheaders, allowing MLB to add more games in a condensed season without exhausting pitching staffs. Seven-inning twinbills have long been a staple of minor league baseball.



Nascar is providing some entertainment this weekend. The Performance Racing Network along with WPXN radio will air a classic P-R-N race Sunday afternoon. The broadcast will start at noon on Sunday and run through 3pm.



PBL will leave the Sangamon Valley conference after 30 years, to join Illini Prairie Conference

(Paxton-cf)-- The PBL Panthers are now a member of the Illinois Prairie Conference for the 2021-2022 season. There are few schools that will come upon the schedule that will require a little bit of a drive says PBL AD Brock Niebuhr… 



But there are also a few schools that are closer to Paxton such as Rantoul, Unity, and SJO 



PBL AD Brock Niebuhr. 

PBL to join Illini Prairie Conference

(Paxton--cf)-- Paxton-Buckley-Loda voted earlier this month to apply to the Illini Prairie conference since St. Thomas Moore is dropping down to 8 man football this upcoming season. Yesterday they were approved. PBL AD Brock Niebuhr says that one of the biggest factors was that PBL would compete with schools that are around the same size as they are in multiple sports. He also said that there could be some revamped rivalries with other schools like Rantoul, St. Joe Ogden, Monticello and Unity… 



PBL AD Brock Niebuhr. 


Mini-Series Part 2: Top 20 Cubs 15 through 11

As most of you know, I started my list of Top 20 Cubs last night. After seeing the Marquee Sports Network give their list, and many other social media outlets give theirs, I started my own. If you missed the first set last night, you can read that here:


Here is my list continued from last night: 


15 Bill Buckner - Bill Buckner played with the Chicago Cubs from 1977 to 1983, and the second half of the 1984 season. Buckner would go on to have over 2,500 hits in his career, with power and being able to put the ball in play to score runs, he deserves to be on the list. Buckner will never be remembered for all of the accolades that he won at the plate, or how he and Dave “Kong” Kingman would hit missiles out of Wrigley, but that he let a can of corn go right between his legs in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series during his time with the Red Sox. “Billy Buck” only played in an All-Star game one time in his long MLB career, but he did win an NL batting title for the North Siders in 1980 (the first year he made the transition to first base) with an average of .324 during that season. Bill Buckner’s career numbers: 

.289 BA 

1208 RBI

15.1 WAR

174 HR 

Bill Buckner goes down as a legend; take out the blown play that happened in the ‘86 World Series, and his career would be remembered the way that I remember it. 


14 Lee Smith - Lee Smith was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame last year in 2019. Lee Smith threw hard and was very accurate. I’m not putting Smith on the list because he throws gas and is accurate, but because he is the leader for the Cubs in saves. 180 saves in an 8-year career is crazy. On average he only blew 8 to 12 saves a season, and that might still be a little high. We all have to remember that Smith was the man that put the wheels in motion for finding a new home for Bruce Sutter. Smith had a nasty slider and would follow that up with heat on the inside corner that would not be hit. In Lee Smith’s 18 year career, he finished with over 470 saves. Smith’s Numbers look like this:


2.92 ERA

180 Saves(Cubs) 

1.255 WHIP 

Smith was a dominate closer, a guy who would come into the game and save it 9 times out of 10. That is something the Cubs were lucky to have for so many years, a dominate closer. 


13 Bruce Sutter - How could Bruce Sutter not be on anybody’s list? The guy was a big burly right-hander that mastered the split-finger fastball, long before anybody knew what that was. In an interview I watched with Sutter a few years ago, he says “long fingers and being able to throw hard” was the reason for being able to zip that splitter up to the plate, just to watch the bottom drop out upon arrival. Just to flex some knowledge, the reason why you couldn’t touch the splitter as a batter? You can’t pick up the spin. It doesn’t look like a fastball but doesn’t have the same rotation as a curveball. A good split-finger guy (i.e. Bruce Sutter) can’t be touched. Sutter’s numbers in a Cubs uniform: 


2.39 ERA

133 SV

1.055 WHIP 

Sutter A HOF’er was arguably the best reliever the Cubs have ever seen, I know Lee Smith is on there but Sutter was just as if not more effective. 


12 Carlos Zambrano - “Big Z” how can you not be a fan of him? He would win games, either on the mound or at the plate. He was a pitcher that rakes. Zambrano would smash balls out to the Bleacher Bums (Hard Hats Required) then come back out in the next half-inning and get strikeouts. Plus, the Big Z meltdowns were always fun; I specifically remember the Gatorade Machine that was on the receiving end of a Zambrano tirade. Back to pitching, Zambrano spent 11 years in a Cub Uniform and was dominant during most of that time. Those were some fun years of Cubs baseball, however (I talked about that in the Ramirez ranking.) Zambrano’s numbers in Chicago go like this: 


3.66 ERA 

1.331 WHIP 

Zambrano, as I talked about, was also very good at the plate. He batted .238, slugged .388, and hit 24 long balls. The Zambrano years were some of the most fun in my lifetime. 


11 Mark Grace - Mark Grace was one of the best first basemen in Cubs history (top 3 and I have the other two on the list) and played on good teams with Ryan Sandburg Larry Bowa, and more. Grace played in over 2,000 games in his career, and most of those were with the Cubs. He also played upwards of 157 games a year. In 1991 Grace only missed two regular-season games. Mark Grace put athletic first basemen on the map; his defensive capabilities didn’t even come close to what he could do at the plate. Mark Grace’s career in Chicago: 

.303 BA 

.442 SLG

1,146 RBI 

173 HR 

Grace played a phenomenal 16-year career, with 13 being in Chicago (and played in the first night game ever at Wrigley Field). Going back to the era of Cubs baseball known as the “lovable losers,” Grace and Company tried to break that stigma. 


Cubs players I have ranked 10 through 6 will be released tomorrow night; I’m going to keep this mini-series going for readers to argue or agree with me, just to keep the sports conversations going on twitter: @calefleming10

Top 20 Cubs: 20-16

Since MLB Opening Day will be delayed until around June 1st, and with the launch of the new Marquee Sports Network, there has been a lot of baseball floating around in my brain. 


We all know about the pandemic that is sweeping the state, nation and the world at the moment that has caused the cancellation of schools, university, the March Madness Tournament, businesses, and put a statewide “shelter in place” what a better time to sit down and go through the “Top 20 Cubs” of all time. 


This could be left up to interpretation, but being in my early 20’s, I have been blessed with a ring in 2016, many people as we all know went their entire lives without seeing the Chicago Cubs win a Commissioners Trophy. That is a feeling that I am glad that I will never have to experience, although I may never see it happen again. 


Going back to the Marquee Sports Network they often run an hour segment on their named “Top 20 Cubs” If you are a Chicago Cubs fan, then this is for you and is up for interpretation. I am going to make my own list of “Top 20 Cubs”and drop them five at a time, on Sunday afternoon Monday Morning, Monday Night, and Tuesday Morning.  


20- Kris Bryant - Most people that listen to the Jay and Cale Show Podcast know that I’m not a big Kris Bryant fan. I know he is a good hitter, with great power, and can play anywhere on the field if need be, but at the plate, he is very streaky. I understand that baseball is a game of streaks, and guys will hit slumps but it seems like KB will smash the ball onto Sheffield for 10 to 12 games then go homerless, of even hitless the next 15. With all that, you have to put a player than run NL ROY and MVP all in the same season and was a huge reason for the success in 2016. In Bryant’s career in a Cub uniform his numbers look like this:

BA- .284 

WAR- 23.9

SLG- .516

HR- 128 


Kris Bryant made the cut, but his Rookie Year had a lot to do with my decision of putting him on the list. 


19- Kerry Wood - On May 6, 1998, in Wood’s debut at Wrigley Field “The Kid” struck out 20 batters. Still tied for the lead to this day. Listening to the call, watching reruns of the game on Youtube how could you now out Kerry on the list? There is one reason why I kept him so low on the board. Injuries. Wood battled injury after injury each season after his rookie year which isn’t his fault and he isn’t the only one to have that happen to him. Kerry Wood’s career numbers look like this:


WAR- 27.6(I didn’t think it would be that high) 

ERA- 3.67 in over 1300 innings 

SO- 1582

WHIP- 1.267

Watching Kerry Wood throw in the high 90’s to low 100’s in his career was fun in my childhood always wanting to throw that hard, but the 20 strikeout game will go down with the 23-22 game against the Phillies in Cubs history forever. 


18 Rick Sutcliffe - Sutcliffe is a guy that doesn’t get the publicity that he deserves. Sut had a very strong career on the North Side winning a Cy Young, ERA title, and being a 3x All-Star, and winning ROY in 1979. Not to mention when Sut did win ROY he beat out Dwight Gooden, and Bruce Sutter two dominate pitchers in the ’70s and ’80s and also finished fourth in MVP voting that season. Rick Sutcliffe’s splits:


4.08 ERA in 2,600 Innings pitched 

1,679 SO 

1.387 WHIP 

Once again, only being able to watch Sutcliffe pitch in highlights on Youtube, I feel that his career with the Cubs is strong enough to take the 18 spot on the list. 


17 Randy Hundley - Catchers aren’t the most glamorous position on the field, but these guys are workhorses and know the game almost better than any player on the field. They see everything that happens(besides outfielders) and have to know what pitch to throw to what batter in what location in what count. What. Hundley caught in a time where people played 162 games a year unless their spleen was falling out of their bodies. Not saying players today aren’t tough, the game was just different in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Hundley was only an All-Star one time, and only won one Gold Glove, but he was going against guys like Carleton Fisk, Johnny Bench, and Thurman Munson. I know two of those guys played in the AL(Fisk- CWS, Boston. Munson- Yankees) But the depth of catchers and superstars in the era of baseball was mesmerizing, and Hundley was at the top of that list with those guys, in toughness.  Here are Hundley’s numbers in Chicago in 947 games:

.240 BA 

80 HR 

.296 OBP 

.359 SLG

Hundley is on my list of top catchers of all time. Making him the 17th best Chicago Cub. 


16 Aramis Ramirez - In the prime of my Cubs watching career, and yes keeping a stat book in front of the TV with every game because I was and still am a baseball nerd(still am) Ramirez was my top Cub growing up. That did not weigh on my decision of putting him at 16, but he does deserve it. Watching Ramirez from 1998 to 2015 hit bombs into the bleachers, and his playmaking ability at the hot corner puts him at 16. Ramirez is 3x All-Star and a Silver Slugger(2011). Aramis didn’t get drafted by the Cubs nor did he finish on the North Side but he did play the best chunk of his career with the Cubs. Ramirez has high numbers that still impress me to this day:

.283 BA

1417 RBI 

.492 SLG 

386 HR

32.4 WAR 

Ramirez was without a doubt my favorite player on a lot of the Cub Teams in the early 2000s with Derek Lee, Alfanso, Garcipara, Theriot, Tony Campana(who I still believe is faster than Billy Hamilton) to name a few. 

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton has tested positive for the new coronavirus

UNDATED (AP) — New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton told ESPN that he learned Thursday he has tested positive for the new coronavirus. Payton is the first employee of either an NFL team or the league to make such a diagnosis public. He tells the network he came forward to motivate people to educate themselves about what they can do to help fight the pandemic. Payton says he has not been admitted to a hospital and does not have a fever or cough. The 56-year-old coach says he has been resting comfortably at home, where he is in self-quarantine.



(Paxton-cf)-- There is a potential for the Paxton-Buckley-Loda Panthers to be playing new schools for the upcoming season. PBL AD Brock Niebuhr tells WPXN that the PBL school board voted to send an application to the Illini Prairie Conference for the upcoming season for all sports…. 



PBL AD Brock Niebuhr


Saturday morning on WPXN it’s our Live Action Auction from 8-10am. Bid, Buy, and Save on Gift certificates and items from area businesses.


Sunday on WPXN it’s a replay of the NASCAR Cup Series Ford 400 from Homestead-Miami Speedway with a noon start time.


Chicago Bears acquire QB Nick Foles


The Jacksonville Jaguars have traded quarterback Nick Foles to the Chicago Bears for the Bears' compensatory fourth-round pick.


The Green Bay Packers' additions of linebacker Christian Kirksey and Rick Wagner this week signaled moving forward without two key veterans. Longtime right tackle Bryan Bulaga has agreed to terms with the Los Angeles Chargers and linebacker Blake Martinez is joining the New York Giants.


Nick Foles to Chicago

Let the QB competition begin in Chicago! The Bears have and Ryan Pace has specifically stated in the last couple of weeks that there would be a competition to be who the starter would be for the upcoming season. The answer, Nick Foles. 


The Bears have acquired Nick Foles in a trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars for a comp pick in the fourth round. Which the Jags will now have 12 picks total in the upcoming draft. 


Trying to rectify a situation the Bears had to do something after this season, Mitch in his third year did not improve much and might have gotten worse as the year went along. Nonetheless, the Bears will now have competition in training camp this season with a QB that is looking for a home, has won a ring, and without getting hurt last season might have built something in Jacksonville. 


Foles in his career: 


In 58 games, he has a completion percentage of 61.9% has thrown for 11,901 yards for 71 touchdowns. 


NFL Free Agency Day Three: The Pats need help

2020 will be a year that I will remember no matter what, for a magnitude for reasons. The pandemic that the whole nation is dealing with, the canceling and closing of almost everything, but also free agency. 


The NFL FA market has taken a wild turn over the last 48 hours with Tom Brady working on a done deal with Tampa Bay, Phillip Rivers heading to the Colts, the Texans trading De’Andre Hopkins to the Cardinals, and much more. 


This post has to do with the New England Patriots, and how they are going to have to replace a plethora of key players, starting with their QB. Meanwhile, they have lost dey LB/DE Kyle Van Noy, Danny Shelton, and Jamie Collins. The Patriots are going to have to do something fast and I’m assuming with a bunch of cash and comp picks, they will have the pieces to build another super team while McDaniels is still there and Bill is the HC. 


Losing possibly the best QB to ever play the game will be tough to replace, but we have to remember who made him the best of all time or the GOAT. And that source is still there in New England. 

NASCAR will try to reschedule all races that have been or will be postponed

The Bears have agreed to a five-year, $70 million deal with former All-Pro defensive end Robert Quinn. Quinn recorded 11 1/2 sacks with Dallas last year despite a two-game suspension for violating the NFL's policy against performance-enhancing drugs. The Bears also released outside linebacker Leonard Floyd, parting with a former first-round draft pick who never boosted their pass rush the way they envisioned.


UNDATED (AP) — Tom Brady says he’s thrown his final pass for the New England Patriots, and it appears he could be headed to Florida.

The 42-year-old quarterback led New England to six Super Bowl titles. Brady’s representatives are in serious contract discussions with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


NASCAR has vowed to reschedule the seven Cup Series events already postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Figuring out how to cram the events and the All-Star race into the crowded 36-race schedule is potentially difficult. NASCAR President Steve Phelps says the series has no specifics on how it is moving forward. He says he wants the postponed races rescheduled before the playoffs begin in September.


Early Evening NFL Free Agency Update

The NFL is currently our only saving grace at the moment, saving us from insanity and not only trying to give us an escape from the problems of the world. Here is a full scope of what has gone down thus far in free agency that just opened up yesterday:


The Chicago Bears signed a Tight End that doesn’t have age on his side, and doesn’t run block well, and maybe able to catch a pass out of ten thrown. Jimmy Grahm is who I am talking about former Green Bay Packer, and a pro bowler. Meanwhile, the Bears still don’t have a quarterback. They lost Teddy Bridgewater, and Phil Rivers just signed a one year contract with the Colts. Does that mean Nick Foles, Andy Dalton, or Cam Newton? Only time will tell. 


As I just said, the Colts signed eight-time pro bowler Phil Rivers to a one year deal. The Colts had great production out of Brisset last season but they need more since they are in the “win now” category. 


Tom Brady has been rumored to sign a deal with the Buc’s tomorrow when the new season actually opens. There will be more on that deal in the coming days and one that I will cover. But the era is over in New England and with all the rings and titles we all know that Belichick is hard to play for, but I am not sure that is the reason to leave a dynasty like what the Patriots had. 


There will be more on the Podcast tonight the Jay and Cale Show along with more Free Agency and Trade Coverage as it happens throughout the night.

Yes, the blogs do work.

I’m sure I am like everybody else right now, sad because the sports are gone. Like most, I don’t have much to do in my free time, other than watch a few movies and some Netflix show’s that I have been meaning to watch for the past 4 years but it’s better late than never. 


First off, I know I said I was going to get better with the website and the daily posts but things get in the way sometimes, and I haven’t had much time to devote to the website that I want too. Right now that will change(even with no sports) I will start posting something daily on the website. 


Jay and I will have a “State of the Union-Sports Edition” dropping around 9:30 CT tonight. During this trying time, I will use the website to grow the sports department at WPXN and give our listeners what they deserve in sports. 


I will have a break down of a few of the Free Agents once we all figure out where Tom Brady is going to end up, which sounds like Tampa. But once that happens we will discuss what’s wrong with the Bears, how well the Colts will do with Rivers and more. Until then stay tuned, subscribe to the Jay and Cale Show Podcast, and check out the now daily promised blogs. 

NCAA Tournament has been cancelled

Trey VanWinkle of Paxton Buckley Loda has received honorable mention from the Associated Press Class 2A All-State Team. 


The IHSA has gone ahead and cancelled the boys basektball state tournament. Originally they were only going to allow 60 spectators per team to attend. The IESA has cancelled the rest of the 7th and 8th grade volleyball tournaments.


The NCAA canceled its men’s and women’s basketball tournaments Thursday because of the spread of coronavirus, putting an abrupt end to the season less than a month before champions were to be crowned.


Major League Baseball delayed the start of its season by at least two weeks because of the coronavirus outbreak and suspended the rest of its spring training schedule. Opening day had been scheduled for March 26. The decision announced by Commissioner Rob Manfred on Thursday left open whether each team would still play 162 games.


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday night that the league’s hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic will likely last at least a month, or roughly what would have been the remainder of an uninterrupted regular season.


NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said Thursday the league will “pause” its season, effective immediately, because of the coronavirus pandemic. The move came one day after the NBA suspended its season after a player tested positive for COVID-19. Bettman said the hope is to resume play later and still award the Stanley Cup.


IndyCar and NASCAR will both race this weekend without spectators, the latest sports series affected by concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.



(Atlanta-jm) -- Atlanta Motor Speedway is the next stop on the NASCAR Cup Series schedule this weekend. Tyler Reddick talks about how his experience in the Xfinity series could help him in Sundays cup race…



NASCAR Driver Tyler Reddick.


(Champaign-cf) The Illini tallied a win against the Hawkeyes on Senior Night at the State Farm Center Sunday Afternoon which turns out will be the final game for the Illinois seniors. Fighting Illini Head Coach Brad Underwood had this to say about senior Kipper Nichols… 



and this, about Andres Feliz… 


Head Coach Brad Underwood.


Sunday on WPXN it's the NASCAR Cup Series Folds of Honor Quiktrip 500 with a noon start time.


NCAA Basketball Tournament to be played with no fans

NCAA tournament games will not be open to the general public because of concerns about the spread of coronavirus. NCAA President Mark Emmert said Wednesday that he made the decision to conduct both the men’s and women’s tournaments, which begin next week, with only essential staff and limited family in attendance. The decision comes after the NCAA’s COVID-19 advisory panel of medical experts recommended against playing sporting events open to the general public.


The Big Ten Tournament from here on out, will be played without fans. 


The NBA announced that it has suspended its season until further notice after the completion of Wednesday night's games after a member of the Utah Jazz has preliminarily tested positive for the coronavirus.



(Atlanta-jm) -- NASCAR is at Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend. Christopher Bell has never raced at Atlanta in the cup series but has had success at the track in the other two series. He talks about the confidence he has coming into this weekend's race…



NASCAR Driver Christopher Bell.



(Champaign-cf)-- Illini Power Forward Da’Monte Williams has hit a few key shots down the stretch of the Big Ten season for the Fighting Illini. Coach Brad Underwood wants Da’Monte to keep shooting… 



Fighting Illini HC Brad Underwood.The Illini will tip on Friday around 1:25. Pregame will start at 12:30pm Friday on WPXN. 


BigTen Tournament

Michigan vs Rutgers - 11 am

Iowa vs  Minnesota - 1:25

Purdue vs Ohio State - 5:30

Penn State vs Indiana- 7:55


MLB Spring Training

Miami Marlins @ St. Louis Cardinals - 12:05

L.A. Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs - 3:05

The Ivy League is the first NCAA conference to cancel their men's basketball tournament amid the COVID-19 outbreak


Coby White made his first career start and scored 20 points in the Bulls’ 108-103 downing of the Cavaliers.


Undated-- The Ivy League is the first NCAA conference to cancel their men's basketball tournament amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The Ivy League will send Yale, who won the conference outright to the NCAA tournament. The NBA is also considering playing games with no fans, and the MLB is considering restricting media access to the clubhouse before and after games. 


(Champaign-cf)-- The Big Ten is loaded with high profile teams, and players.  Fighting Illini Head Coach Brad Underwood thinks that the Second Team all Big Ten could beat the First team All Big Ten… 



Fighting Illini Head Coach Brad Underwood. The Illini will tip from Indianapolis around 1:25pm on Friday. Pregame on WPXN will begin at 12:30pm. 



(Atlanta-jm) -- The NASCAR Cup Series heads to Atlanta Motor Speedway. Denny Hamlin talks about trying to turn his luck around at the 1.5 mile track…



NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin.


Big Ten Tournament

Northwestern vs Minnesota - winner plays Iowa Thursday

Nebraska vs Indiana - winner plays Penn State Thursday


MLB Spring Training

St. Louis Cardinals @ New York Mets - 12:10

Chicago White Sox @ Colorado Rockies - 3:10

San Diego Padres @ Chicago Cubs - 8:05 


NHL Tonight

San Jose Sharks @ Chicago Blackhawks - 7

St. Louis Blues @ Anaheim Ducks - 9


Illinois' Ayo Dosunmu and Kofi Cockburn Recieve Big Ten Honors

ROSEMONT, Ill. (AP) — Iowa center Luka Garza is the Big Ten Player of the Year while Wisconsin's Greg Gard took Coach of the Year honors. Garza, Maryland's Jalen Smith, Michigan State's Cassius Winston and Penn State's Lamar Stevens were first-team, all-conference picks by both the media and coaches. Illinois' Ayo Dosunmu was chosen by the media and Maryland's Anthony Cowan Jr. was selected by the coaches. Gard led Wisconsin to a share of the Big Ten regular-season championship, along with Maryland and Michigan State. Michigan State's Xavier Tillman was selected Defensive Player of the Year. Maryland's Aaron Wiggins took Sixth Man of the Year honors and Illinois' Kofi Cockburn was chosen Freshman of the Year.


UNDATED (AP) — Kansas maintained its grip on the No. 1 ranking in The Associated Press men's college basketball poll.

The Jayhawks received all 65 first-place votes to remain at the top for a third straight week. The past two weeks they have been the unanimous choice ahead of Gonzaga and Dayton.

Florida State climbed three spots to No. 4 after winning its first Atlantic Coast Conference regular-season title.


Cissna Park and Gifford 7th Grade Volleyball teams have advanced to the State Tournament. Both teams will play Friday in the first round at Bloomington Jr. High School.


Tonight on WPXN it’s NASCAR Live. Get the latest news in NASCAR from 6-7.


Illinois Beats Iowa 78-76 on Senior Night

Big Ten

(Champaign--jc)  -- The University of Illinois Fighting Illini won 78-76 on Senior Day on Sunday in Champaign over the Iowa Hawkeyes. U of I Men’s Basketball Coach Brad Underwood says this group in the Senior class has been a special one



U of I Men’s Basketball Coach  Brad Underwood

The Illini get into play in the Big 10 Conference Tournament on Friday afternoon. You can hear the game live on WPXN


Maryland def Michigan 83-70

Minnesota def Nebraska 107-75

Michigan St. def Ohio St. 80-69



St. Louis Blues def Chicago Blackhawks 2-0



AVONDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Joey Logano is enjoying a strong start to the NASCAR Cup season. Logano won for the second time in three weeks by holding off Kevin Harvick over the final two laps after an overtime restart at Phoenix Raceway. Logano overcame several tough moments, including a pit-road penalty for an uncontrolled tire and a broken jack during another stop.

Kyle Busch was third, followed by Kyle Larson and Clint Bowyer.


Tonight on WPXN it’s Fast Talk. Get the latest news in NASCAR from 6-7.

Then it’s the Brad Underwood Show from 7-8.

Ohio St. beats Illinois 71-63

Big Ten

Kaleb Wesson scored 19 points to lead No. 19 Ohio State past No. 23 Illinois 71-63. Ayo Dosunmu had 21 points and five assists to pace Illinois.


Michigan beat Nebraska 82-58



Alex DeBrincat scored two goals and the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Edmonton Oilers 4-3.


IHSA Boys Basketball tonight

1A Sectional Final

At Danville Schlarman 7pm

Ridgeview vs Roanoke Benson 


2A Sectional Final

At Pontiac 7pm

Bismarck Henning Rossville Alvin vs Joliet Catholic 


3A Regional Final

At Rantoul 7pm

Mahomet Seymour vs Urbana


Sangamon Valley Conference Girls Basketball 2019-2020

All Conference Teams



Mackenzie Bruns PBL

Baylee Cosgrove PBL

Kamryn Grice Clifton Central

Shelby Johnson Iroquois West

Mikayla Knake Cissna Park

Kayla Kodat Dwight

Kennedy McTaggart Watseka

Kinzie Parsons Watseka

Natalie Schroeder Watseka

Kaitlyn Piekarczyk Momence



Allie Hoy Watseka

Madison Kleinart Clifton Central

Kirra Lantz PBL

Ashton Miller Iroquois West

Hanna Offerman Clifton Central



Shan'Tai Allen Momence

Nora Anderson Dwight

Kennadee Edelman Cissna Park

Sydney McTaggart Watseka

Hannah Schwarz PBL

Shea Small Iroquois West

Hallie Wilken Clifton Central


Tonight on WPXN it’s IHSA the Boys Sectional Final between Bismarck Henning/ Rossville Alvin and Joliet Catholic. Pregame at 6:45 with tip off at 7pm.


On Saturday morning its On the Sidelines from 7-8 brought to you by Compass Insurance Partners in Paxton and Cissna Park, MATCO Fire Protection Equipment in Paxton, Monical’s Pizza in Paxton, Paxton IGA, Shield’s Auto Mart in Paxton and Shield’s Auto Center in Rantoul. 


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Saturday afternoon it’s Xfinity racing from Arizona with the Phoenix 200 with a 2pm broadcast time. 


On Sunday it’s the Monster Energy FanShield 500 NASCAR Race from Arizona with a  1:30 start time.


Sunday night it’s Fighting Illini basketball as Illinois battles it out at home with Iowa. Pregame at 5pm with tip at 6pm.


Illinois to take on Ohio St. tonight

IHSA Boys Basketball

1A Sectional Semi Final

Ridgeview def Salt Fork 51-39


2A Sectional Semi Final

Joliet Catholic def PBL 50-49


3A Regional Semi Final

Urbana def Champaign Centennial 47-45


Big Ten

Indiana def Minnesota 72-67

Wisconsin def Northwestern 63-48



Minnesota Timberwolves def Chicago Bulls 115-108 


Tonight on WPXN it’s Fighting Illini Basketball as Illinois is on the road at Ohio St. Pregame at 5pm with tip at 6pm.

Class 2A Sectional Semi Final tonight at Pontiac High School PBL vs Joliet Catholic

IHSA Boys Basketball

2A Sectional

Bismarck Henning Rossville Alvin def Coal City 58-48


3A Regional

Mahomet Seymour def Champaign Central 52-49

Grant Coleman scored 21 points


Big Ten

Rutgers def Maryland 78-67 

Michigan State def Penn State 79-71



Dylan Strome, Alex Nylander and Patrick Kane scored on consecutive shots late in the second period, leading the Chicago Blackhawks to a 6-2 victory over the Anaheim Ducks. 



(Paxton-cf)-- The PBL Panthers will match up against Joliet Catholic tonight in Semi-Final action from Pontiac High School. PBL Boy’s Head Coach Adam Schonauer talks about how Joliet is similar to Tuscola in their shooting abilities, and Quincy Notre Dame in their physicality… 



PBL HC Adam Schonauer 


IHSA Boys Basketball tonight

1A Sectional Semi Final 7pm

At Danville Schlarman 

Ridgeview vs Salt Fork


2A Sectional Semi Final 7pm

At Pontiac

PBL vs Joliet Catholic


3A Regional Semi Final 7pm

At Rantoul

Champaign Centennial vs Urbana


Tonight on WPXN it’s IHSA Boys Basketball as the PBL Panthers take on Joliet Catholic in Sectional Semi Final action. Extended pregame begins at 6:15 with tip at 7pm.

Illinois Gives Basketball Coach Brad Underwood an extension

IHSA Boys Regional 

Champaign Central def Rantoul 90-35



The Bulls eked out a 109-107 win over the Mavericks behind Otto Porter Jr., who delivered 18 points in his return from a broken left foot. Coby White scored 19 points to help Chicago win without leading scorer Zach Lavine.


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) — Illinois says it has rewarded basketball coach Brad Underwood for a significant jump this season, giving him a three-year contract extension through 2026. The move comes with the 23rd-ranked Illini challenging for the Big Ten Conference championship in Underwood's third season after going 26-39 during his first two years at the helm. They are 20-9 overall and tied for second in conference play with Michigan State and Wisconsin at 12-6, a game behind Maryland.


IHSA 3A Regional Boys Basketball tonight

From Rantoul

7pm Mahomet Seymour v Champaign Central


(Pontiac--jc) Tonight on WPXN, its’ Nascar Live. Get the latest news in NASCAR starting at 6pm. Then its I-H-S-A Boys basketball Sectional Semi-Final  action from Pontiac High School. Our pre game is set for 6-50 with the opening tip at 7pm. Tonight’s game will feature Bismarck Henning/Rossville Alvin and Coal City.

Illinois gets 20th win of season with 67-66 win over Indiana

Big Ten

Ayo Dosunmu scored 17 points, including a key 3-pointer down the stretch, to lead Illinois over Indiana 67-66. Andres Feliz and Kofi Cockburn each added 15 points.


Ohio St. def Michigan 77-63

Northwestern def Nebraska 81-76 OT

Wisconsin def Minnesota 71-69


FONTANA, Calif. (AP) — Alex Bowman has raced to his second career NASCAR Cup Series victory by holding off Kyle and Kurt Busch to win at Auto Club Speedway. Bowman led 110 laps and kept his Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet in front after the final pit stops for a comfortable win. The 26-year-old Arizonan grew up racing almost weekly in nearby Pomona.

Defending Fontana champion Kyle Busch was second. His older brother Kurt was third, and Bowman teammate Chase Elliott came in fourth.


IHSA Boys Basketball tonight

3A Regional at Rantoul

Champaign Central vs Rantoul 7pm


Tonight on WPXN it’s Fast Talk. Get the latest news in NASCAR from 6-7. Then it’s the Brad Underwood Show from 7-8.


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