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Officials at the Illinois Department of Public Health are alerting Illinoisans about a rise in strep cases

(Springfield-jm) – Officials at the Illinois Department of Public Health are alerting Illinoisans about a rise in strep cases. IDPH director Dr. Sameer Vohra said that more cases of Group A strep have been reported in the first three months of 2023 than in any one of the past five years. Vohra advised parents to contact their health providers if their children start showing symptoms, which include a sore throat and fever.


(Springfield-jm) – Republicans in the Illinois House say several reforms are needed to make the state more business friendly. The GOP says they have had several bills over the years that would help attract and keep jobs in Illinois. But State Representative Dan Ugaste (you-gas-tee) of Geneva says they haven’t been called for a vote…



State Representative Dan Ugaste of Geneva. House Republicans argue that with new businesses, come more people moving to Illinois.


(Springfield-jm) – It's onto the Illinois Senate with a bill to prohibit the production of ethanol using seeds that have been treated with a pesticide. House Bill 1440 passed the House Wednesday mostly along party lines. The measure amends the Illinois Pesticide Act to include language prohibiting seeds treated with pesticides from being used for such production.


(Springfield-jm) – Governor J-B Pritzker is touring the state touting his proposed investments in higher education. The Governor has now been to Bloomington and Springfield, with more stops scheduled in the coming days. He says his proposed budget calls for the largest funding increase for community colleges in over two decades…



Illinois Governor J-B Pritzker. Governor Pritzker also wants to pump another 100 million dollars into college map grants to help more students pursue higher education.


(Champaign-jm) – About 900 young archers from 42 Illinois schools have qualified to participate in the 2023 Illinois State Archery Tournament March 24-25 at Champaign Centennial High School. The event has taken place in Springfield, but because of rapid growth of youth archery the past few years, organizers decided to move the 2023 tournament to Champaign to accommodate space and amenity needs.


(Springfield-jm) – 53rd District State Senator Tom Bennett of Gibson City is sponsoring a pair of legislative bills to help schools. Senator Bennett explains…



53rd District State Senator Tom Bennett of Gibson City.


(Champaign-jm) – A shooting in Champaign last December left two men hurt, and Champaign County Crime Stoppers is looking for help from the public to identify a person of interest. The shooting happened just before 8 p.m. in the area of Beardsley and Prospect Avenues. Police officers responding to reports of a shooting found two victims, ages 48 and 28, each with a single gunshot wound to the leg. The victims were treated at the hospital and were subsequently released.


(Washington-jm) – Consumers saw some big declines in egg prices last month, but they remain much higher than a year ago. Gary Crawford reports…



(Springfield-jm) – The Illinois House approved a measure amending who can conduct a marriage. House Bill 1111 passed mostly along party lines Wednesday. The measure provides that a marriage may be solemnized by a state executive branch constitutional officer like governor or comptroller, or any member of the Illinois General Assembly who is in office at the time of the ceremony.


(Springfield-jm) – The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services wants to make sure Medicaid recipients continue to be covered. The agency is launching a public awareness campaign about the need for those on Medicaid to renew their benefits. Spokesperson Evan Fazio says recipients haven’t had to do this since the pandemic began three years ago. He notes that everyone’s renewal date is different…



Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services Spokesperson Evan Fazio. The renewal notices will be sent by mail so Fazio advises logging into your account at: abe dot illinois dot gov to make sure the correct address is on file.


(Springfield-jm) – Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias supports a measure that would ban zooming while driving. House Bill 2431, sponsored by State Representative Marcus Evans and State Senator Javier Cervantes , would make it illegal to use a cell phone or other device to watch or participate in video conferencing, streaming videos, or accessing any social media site. Under the proposal drivers would still be able to participate in video congruence calls but only if they use a hands-free device and if the video is turned off. Violating the law would result in a moving violation ticket and a maximum fine of $75 on the first offense, $100 on the second offense, $125 on the third offense, and $150 for all future offenses. Three moving violations in a year will result in a license suspension.


(Springfield-jm) – Expect to see a heightened police presence out on the roads for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The state police and more than 200 local law enforcement agencies are teaming up to help keep people safe through the weekend, says Illinois Department of Transportation Spokesperson Paul Wappel…



IDOT Spokesperson Paul Wappel. Wappel says if you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party, remember that you can be held liable and prosecuted if someone you served drinks to is involved in a DUI crash.


(Champaign County-jm) – Illinois State Police Troop 7 announced the March results of the Champaign County Occupant Restraint Enforcement Patrols, a project funded through IDOT. The patrols resulted in 23 safety belt citations, 0 child restraint citations, 42 total citations, and 10 written warnings in Champaign County during March.


(Springfield-jm) – A local state representative is working to change the way the state raises taxes. The legislation is being co-sponsored by 106th District State Representative Jason Bunting of Emington…



106th District State Representative Jason Bunting of Emington.


(Watseka-jm) – The USDA recently recognized the top crop producing counties in the country.  And Iroquois County ranked among the best in both corn and soybean production. Iroquois County is 4th for soybeans.


(Washington-jm) – Hog producers are seeing strong production and lower prices. Gary Crawford reports…



WPXN News Notes…


The Paxton Emergency Response Service will hold their all you can eat chicken and noodle supper tonight from 5-7 pm at their station located at 134 W. State Street. Cost is $10 for adults, $6 for kids 6-13. Deliveries are available in town by calling 217-202-6441.


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