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The state's Mortgage Assistance Program is now accepting applications.

(Springfield-jm) – The state’s Mortgage Assistance Program is now accepting applications. The Illinois Homeowner Assistance Fund can help qualified applicants with up to 60 thousand dollars for past-due mortgage, property Tax, HOA and insurance payments. State Housing Development Authority Spokesperson Andrew Field explains who is eligible…



Illinois Housing Development Authority Spokesperson Andrew Field. The program is open through the end of January. The best place to get started is online at: illinois housing help dot org.


(Springfield-jm) – In the final days of the campaign for Illinois governor, the major party candidates are taking jabs at each other for closing schools during the pandemic. Friday, state Senator Darren Bailey rallied with school officials from southern Illinois demanding more local control. Bailey criticized Governor J.B. Pritzker for ordering schools closed during the pandemic. He called for Pritzker to apologize for closing schools, canceling graduation and proms. Pritzker responded by saying Bailey would have caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people.


(Springfield-jm) – Illinois ranks fifth in the nation for the number of students taking Advanced Placement exams. More than 115 thousand high school juniors and seniors took the test this past school year, a seven percent increase over the previous year. It’s also a sign of recovery from the pandemic, when participation dropped, says the Board’s Director of K-through-12 Curriculum and Instruction Erica Thieman (tee-man)...



Board’s Director of K-through-12 Curriculum and Instruction Erica Thieman (tee-man). There was also an over 18 percent increase in students scoring a three or higher on the exam, which lets them earn college credit.


(Champaign-jm) – The Champaign County Coroner has identified the 18-year-old woman shot and killed Friday evening as Nizeri Carter. Champaign Police said they were dispatched near North Elm Street and West Bradley Avenue around 4:52 p.m. Friday for a report of a shooting. Shortly after officers arrived, they received information that Carter had arrived at a nearby hospital with wounds. Carter was shot multiple times in the torso and leg. She died later Friday night at the hospital. The investigation indicates Carter was walking on Elm St. when two people in masks approached her on foot and opened fire.


(Undated-jm) – Ahead of election day tomorrow, a new poll shows Democrats leading in every state political race. But what issues could impact the election. WPXN’s Jason Madden has the details…



(Champaign-jm) – In order to retire gas service at 134 E. University Avenue, Ameren Illinois will close one westbound lane of University Avenue between First Street and Second Street. The closure will begin on Monday and will reopen on Friday. During the closure, westbound traffic will be reduced to one lane in the area.


(Washington-jm) – The complete U.S. agricultural trade numbers for Fiscal Year 2022 are in. They show what analysts had projected---a record export year in terms of dollar value. Gary Crawford reports…



(Springfield-jm) – The Illinois Department of Public Health is distributing one million free rapid COVID-19 tests to residents of low income areas. If you're in an eligible zip code, you can request a package of five over the counter tests that will be shipped to your home. Public Health Spokesperson Mike Claffey says this is a joint effort between the state and the Rockefeller Foundation. He urges those with symptoms to get tested for the virus…



State Public Health Spokesperson Mike Claffey. To see if these free tests are available in your community, visit the website: access covid tests dot org.


(Springfield-jm) – Candidates for Illinois governor are taking different approaches on how they’d tackle the state’s unfunded pension liabilities. State numbers indicate around $151 billion unfunded, but some places like the American Legislative Exchange Council place the debt at $533 billion. State Senator Darren Bailey said he’ll use reduced state spending to pay down pensions. Pritzker touts on his campaign website “fully funding pension contributions” as a way to reduce state pension liabilities, “going above and beyond with payments and expanding the employee pension buyout program.” Libertarian candidate Scott Schluter's plan would be three-tiered. Tier 1 is current pensioners left untouched, but offer a cash buyout. Schluter's plan would look to buy out earned benefits for Tier 2 pensioners and provide an optional 401(K)-style plan. New hires would go into 401(K)-style savings plans.


(Springfield-jm) – A horticulture expert at the University of Illinois Extension advises against dumping old Halloween pumpkins. The best way to get rid of your pumpkins is through composting, community events like pumpkin smashes or donating them to a zoo or wildlife center. The Extension’s Chris Enroth says you can also feed the birds…



U of I Extension Horticulturist Chris Enroth. Enroth says you should avoid tossing rotting pumpkins in a ditch or backyard since they aren’t good for wildlife in the state and may bring critters closer to the road. You also shouldn’t put them in the garbage to be buried in a landfill.


(Champaign-jm) – Five people are facing weapons charges after the State’s Attorney’s Office said police found them in possession of guns despite being convicted felons. The five arrested are Jalen Booker, Demonte Billings, Omarion Purnell, Joaquin Hughes and Simeon Smith. The five were all together in an apartment when officers chased a car to that apartment and found the five inside with guns. One of the guns was a ghost gun with no serial number. All five are being held at the Champaign County Jail.


(Undated-jm) – Mild temperatures continue this week, however, forecasters say there is a shift in the pattern this weekend. That means colder temperatures as we head into the winter months. 106th District State Representative Tom Bennett of Gibson City says there is help available for those struggling to pay the high energy bills…



106th District State Representative Tom Bennett of Gibson City. In the meantime, those who need help with energy bills can go to Keep Warm dot Illinois dot gov, or call 1-877-411-9276 to find out about utility assistance programs.


(Crescent City-jm) – Some junior high students in Iroquois County may go to another school next year. It comes after Crescent City Grade School is facing teacher shortages and limited extracurriculars. The question to deactivate and close part of the school will be on ballots on Tuesday. This school year, 66 students from kindergarten through eighth grade attend the school. If it closes, families will have the option to choose between Cissna Park, Watseka, or Iroquois West instead. If the changes happen, the school would be kindergarten through fifth grade starting next year.



(Washington-jm) – Most U.S. agricultural products registered export gains in Fiscal Year 2022. Gary Crawford reports…



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