(Springfield-jm) -- Contact with potentially deadly synthetic drugs is a growing problem for first responders across Illinois and state officials want all public safety workers to have the latest training on how to deal with those drugs. The Illinois OSHA director Ben Noven said all first responders should be aware of the dangers they face when responding to overdoses and other drug scenes. Noven echoed the advice of a police commander for first responders at drug scenes, that they should treat everything as if it was fentanyl because the powerful synthetic opioid is commonly mixed with other drugs, such as heroin and even cocaine. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is up to 50 times stronger than heroin that poses serious risks to first responders on aid calls and during criminal investigations.


(Springfield-jm) -- A consolidation bill for municipal fire and police pensions cleared the House Wednesday. The measure moves the state’s 649 separate police and fire pension systems into just two, one for police and one for fire. Representative Jay Hoffman of Belleville says this will really help to prop up the largely underfunded pensions…



State Representative Jay Hoffman of Belleville. Hoffman says this will also greatly reduce administrative costs since each pension system has their own board. The bill now moves to the Senate. 



(Urbana-jm) -- A Rantoul woman has been arrested for allegedly breaking into a home and threatening the residents. Police say 24-year-old Sierra Brees and another man, who police have not named, entered a home and stole a child’s bike while they were gone. When the residents returned Brees and the man were inside. The man admitted to taking the kids bike and offered to return it if the resident handed over Xanax pills. Brees returned before police arrived and threatened the resident. She is charged with residential burglary and intimidation. Bond was set at $30,000. She is due back in court December 17th.


(Washington-jm) -- Corn growers in this new corn crop year could see stocks falling and prices climbing. Gary Crawford reports…




(Undated-jm) -- The USDA’s Farm Service Agency is reminding eligible voters the deadline to vote for county committee elections is fast approaching. The deadline to vote is December 2nd. For more information, contact your local FSA office.



(Roberts-jm) -- The Village of Roberts has received a violation notice from the state. Village President Rick Flessner says they are working with the state on the issue…



Roberts Village President Rick Flessner.



(Undated-jm) -- A new study presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition shows many kids need more rest. Researchers surveyed parents of nearly 50,000 U.S. children ages 6 to 17. They found only 48% are getting the recommended minimum of 9 hours of sleep most weeknights. Many parents and kids are balancing crazy schedules from school and work to after school homework, sports, and activities.


(Springfield-jm) -- A bill calling on the Illinois Department of Transportation to conduct a study on the use of automated red light cameras advanced in the state Senate. Those devices, and the contracts that many Chicago-area suburban governments have with the companies that provide them, are believed to be one subject of an ongoing federal corruption probe focusing on state Sen. Martin Sandoval. Red light cameras are automated devices that photograph vehicles if they pass through a red light without stopping, and generate a citation to the vehicle’s owner. Local governments typically split the revenue generated by the devices with the vendor. According to published reports, Sandoval is said to have intervened on behalf of SafeLight to have IDOT approve red light cameras in locations the agency had previously rejected, all while accepting large campaign contributions from the company and people affiliated with it.


(Springfield-jm) -- House lawmakers voted to cap the cost of insulin Wednesday. Insulin prices have skyrocketed, leaving patients with some tough choices says Representative Will Guzzardi of Chicago. His bill caps out of pocket costs for insulin at one hundred dollars for a 30 day supply…



State Representative Will Guzzardi of Chicago. This only applies to those with insurance plans regulated by the state. The bill returns to the Senate for approval and Governor J-B Pritzker has said he will sign it into law. 



(Urbana-jm) -- An Urbana man who allegedly forced his way into his former girlfriends house in Fisher and attacking her current boyfriend is in jail facing felony charges. Coleton Rauch is accused of forcing his way into the house, punched and choked the man and threatened to stab him with a pocket knife. He remains in the Champaign County jail on charges of home invasion. Rauch faces between six and 30 years in prison.



(Washington-jm) -- Rural Development water and waste disposal system grants and loans support infrastructure projects in rural communities, and in turn, promote quality of life and economic opportunity for rural residents. Rod Bain reports…




(Rantoul-jm) -- The Rantoul Public Library is seeking donations. The library received a loan from the village earlier this year to repair their roof. Now the library has to pay back that loan. Those looking to donate can call the library at 893-3955.



(Paxton-jm) -- The Paxton Service Club is seeking the donation of a tree to be used as the city’s Christmas tree. Charlie White with the Paxton Service Club talks about the history behind the downtown tree…



Charlie White with the Paxton Service Club.



(Undated-jm) -- A new study by John Hopkins University says pregnant mothers who use Acetaminophen, a pain reliever often used in Tylenol, could increase their child’s chance of having ADHD and autism. Researchers studied the cord blood of nearly a thousand mother/child pairs. Children exposed to higher levels while in the womb were significantly more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and autism later in life. Researchers warn however, that more research on the possible links are needed.


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