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There has been a head coaching change in the NFL as we enter week 5. Bill O'Brien has been fired as GM/Coach of the Houston Texans. This comes after an 0-4 start when we know it has more to do with the fact that O'Brien traded their best skill player in Deandre Hopkins and one of their best defensive players in Jadavion Clowney. The firing comes just 3 months after the trade of Hopkins to Arizona. We knew that was going to happen in the offseason so it isn't much of a surprise. 


On the other side of the spectrum, there is still a surprise in the NFL, two in fact. Number one, how does Dan Quinn still have a job? He and the Falcons have blown multiple fourth-quarter leads, can't convert in "do-or-die" situations, or to put it all together just can't win. How he still has a job with the Falcons is amazing to me, even with the injuries. 


Matt Patrica with the Detroit Lions. The Lions have lost six consecutive leads in the fourth quarter, and yet Patrica says "there was a lot of work to do when I got here" taking a direct shot a Jim Caldwell. This is also the guy that lost the locker-room in his first season with the Lions. Patrica's seat is red hot. 





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