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Every baseball fan at some point in their lives has collected cards, still does, or buys them every ten years or so, and knows that some of these cards have serious value. I haven't collected any cards in at least ten years or so, but I being a baseball junkie have a bunch of cards each in their own holders, ordered by the team, in three-ring binders. 


Why am I talking about baseball cards? Well, I was listening to an ESPN Daily podcast hosted by Mina Kimes, and the subject was baseball cards. In a quick summary of what happened in the 27-minute episode, a gentleman that was out of work bribed himself for applying for jobs by buying a pack for each application submitted. He bought one that had a Don Mattingly card in it with the wrong birthday listed on it. The Mattingly age controversy is something that baseball fans should look into, especially with nothing going on. 


I was looking at maybe purchasing a box of cards from various websites and scrolled down the Topps webpage who without a doubt in current times is the leading producer in football and baseball cards. There is a card on their website: the On-Chrome Auto # to 1 -Derek Jeter was up for auction. It sold previously for $4,999.99. WHAT? Yes, one penny away from 5 grand large! I know cards are worth a lot especially the collectibles like a Mickey Mantle Rookie Card from 1952 that's on auction on eBay for $300,000 all because it has a little blemish on the corner, one sold 5 years ago for $2.9 million. 


Let's look at the Jeter card specifically. It's autographed by Jeter himself and not done through a machine. It's a photo of Jeter is of The Captian's jersey retiring ceremony, printed on Topps Chrome. Looking at the card online is pretty clean, I wouldn't even want to imagine what it looks like in my hand if I did I might want to buy it. 


Card collectors all around know how much these cards are worth, and the obsession with buying them. This is a card that might get me back into collecting cards again(not buying this one) and feeling like a kid again. 

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