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I was going to update on every pick on a live blog, but I decided to go through #1 through #10 and then update on players who I think will fit in certain teams. As well as players that are still on the board. 


Joe Burrow- Cincinnati Bengals

Not much of a surprise to see Burrow head to Cincinnati. Earlier this year, the Bengals released Andy Dalton as they are flipping the rebuild switch starting their Heisman winning National Champion who arguably the best college football season ever in 2019. 


Chase Young- Washington Redskins

Ron Riveria entering his first season with his new team went defense on this pick, as Young was notably the best overall athlete in this draft. The Ohio State Defensive End has a large force that can set the edge and get to the backfield with ease. 


Jeff Okudah- Detroit Lions 

Jeff Okudah is a lockdown corner, who in the NFC North will have a chance to shine with Detriot. He will most likely start early this season. Joining a team that I’m not sure if they are rebuilding or not, it’s a chalk pick and much needed for the Lions. 


New York Giants- Andrew Thomas

Here is where things get very interesting. Since we are talking taking chalk, Isaiah Simmions was the next best player in the draft. The Giants need a lot of help starting with an offensive line to help protect their new QB, Daniel Jones. 


Miami Dolphins- Tua Tagovailoa 

The Alabama QB missed 4 career games in the NCAA with a pretty gruesome injury. He was the best available QB in the 2020 draft, and it isn’t a surprise to see him go in the top 5 when he was all over the draft boards. Brian Flores and the front office has to make a decision to see if he will sit this upcoming season to get healthy or play him this year. 


L.A. Chargers- Justin Herbert

I wasn’t sure about this one, he had a lot of shining moments in his career in Oregon but he has a lot of downsides. I asked a source more familiar on Herbert and he was compared to a Blake Bortles style of QB who as you know had a great couple of years, but is now a backup. 


Carolina Panthers- Derrick Brown

The Panthers have a massive problem that didn’t get solved with their first pick in this year’s draft. Who is going to be their QB? They got a kid from Auburn that has a huge work ethic that really put in a lot of work to get were his today. 


Arizona Cardinals- Isaiah Simmons 

The Cardinals just had the best pick of the entire draft. Simmons is an OLB who can fly around the field, and make tackles in the open field. The Cardinals in the last two season’s have made huge picks. 


Jacksonville Jaguars- CJ Henderson 

He won’t be traveling far from home. The Florida Corner has a 1st round grade but wasn’t projected to be picked until later in the round, this is why I love the draft and reading mock drafts. The Jags looking to replace Jalon Ramsey, here is a kid that fits the mold. 


Cleveland Browns- Jedrick Wills

The Alabama tackle has been dubbed the “Alpha” of the Bama O-line by former QB Tua Tagovailoa. Baker needs more time to throw the ball downfield, and here’s the start. 




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