CHICAGO (AP) — Republican Governor Bruce Rauner on Thursday accused rival J.B. Pritzker of plotting a massive income tax hike on the people of Illinois, a claim the Democrat dismissed as another lie from a governor who's "been lying for three-and-a-half years." One of Pritzker's top priorities is changing Illinois' flat income tax to a graduated system.  But Pritzker refused during a debate Thursday, as he has throughout the campaign, to detail what those rates should be. Governor Rauner says Pritzker is dodging the question of Pritzkers income tax increase and can not be trusted when it comes to taxes. Pritzker again called Rauner a liar. The debate at NBC-5 in Chicago was the first of the race, and included two third-party candidates: Conservative Party candidate and GOP state Sen. Sam McCann and Libertarian Grayson "Kash" Jackson. Rauner leveled several attacks on Pritzker and his connections to longtime Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan, who he said has had Illinois in a "stranglehold." But his attacks weren't limited to Pritzker. Rauner accused McCann of being a "phony candidate" put up by Madigan to take GOP votes and help Pritzker win. That launched one of the most spirited moments of the debate.


(Southern Illinois--jc)  -- A federal judge has refused to grant class-action status to a lawsuit alleging wage discrimination against female doctors at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. The case was  initiated by former S-I-U surgeon Doctor. Sajida Ahad and joined by four other female doctors, will proceed after the ruling by U.S. District Judge Sue Myerscough. Myerscough said Ahad failed to show there was a "common cause" to produce a "common answer to the questions of whether and why compensation for female physicians was lower than compensation for similarly situated male physicians. The lawsuit alleges female physicians at SIU were being paid more than $12,200 per year less than male doctors for similar work. SIU officials, who have denied Ahad's allegations in the past, declined to comment on the judges ruling.


(Urbana--jc)  One Urbana hotel remains closed with faulty fire-alarm system. In updating our story from earlier this week, the Garden Hotel in Urbana fire officials closed the hotel on Wednesday citing the infractions at the facility. Hotel owners say it will take around 3 weeks to correct the system and that 20 employees will be out of jobs during that time.


(Rantoul--jc)  One local police department is reporting bogus 100 dollar bills being circulated in the area. Officials with the Rantoul Police Department say several 100 dollar bills have been passed through some Rantoul businesses. U.S. Treasury officials say that if you believe you have received a bogus bill, remember some tips.  The first is to be safe and not put yourself in danger. Also do not return the bill to the passer. Observe the passer’s description and vehicle information. Contact your local police department when it is safe to do so. Rantoul police add to know how to recognize a bogus bill.



DEKALB, Ill. (AP) — Northern Illinois University's board of trustees has named a woman for president for the first time since the school opened its doors in 1899. In a news release, the DeKalb university says that Dr. Lisa C. Freeman is the 13th president. Freeman has been serving as acting president since July of last year.



(Cissna Park--ab) The Cissna Park FFA Pumpkins in Park is coming up on September 22nd. Cissna Park FFA ag advisor says its not too late to be a vendor at this years event just give him a call.



Cissna Park F F A Advisor Jeff Clifton


(Pesotum--jc) -- State police along with other Champaign County police agencies are offering some good advice for those attending the Luke Bryan Farm Tour Concert one week from today. The first is for those not attending the concert. That advice is to avoid the area between Tolono and Pesotum next Friday between 1pm and 1am on Saturday. The second bit of advice is to follow the traffic patterns set up by local authorities and follow the proper paths to and from the concert.


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says combating sexual harassment in the Capitol has become a "personal mission" but he wishes he'd acted sooner to "correct past mistakes." The Chicago Democrat spoke out Thursday in a Chicago Tribune op-ed. A string of Democratic lawmakers and workers in Madigan's political and government organizations have been accused of sexual misconduct this year amid the #MeToo anti-harassment movement. Madigan has been criticized for not having rooted it out.


(Springfield--jc)  -- Hunters and landowners are urged to report suspected cases of E-H-D in white tailed deer to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. E-H-D stands for Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease which can kill deer. Department of Natural Resources. Spokesperson Ed Cross says infected animals develop a high fever…



D-N-R Spokesperson Ed Cross

55 cases in deer have been reported so far this year.


(Buckley--ab) Buckley Christ Lutheran is hosting a dinner fundraiser tonight. The event is set for the  Buckley American Legion. The meal starts at 4pm and runs through 7pm C-L-H-S Spokesperson Charlie Goldenstein says it’s a delicious menu...



C-L-H-S Spokesperson Charlie Goldenstein



(Undated--jc)  Illinois is celebrating its 200th anniversary as a state. Here is today’s BiCentennial minute…



CHICAGO (AP) — The candidates for Illinois governor are clashing over taxes during their first televised debate. Democrat J.B. Pritzker says he wants to change Illinois' flat tax to a graduated system, in which the highest earners are taxed at a higher rate than others. But he won't say what the new rates should be. He says it should be negotiated with the Legislature. Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner says Pritzker won't answer the question because "the truth is so painful." Pritzker called  Rauner a liar.


St. Charles, IL, September 20, 2018 --Today is the start of a new beginning in Illinois. A new upstart citizen activist organization, Illinois Citizen Uprising is out to change the corrupt, self-serving status quo that has rigged the political game. Rigged by the entrenched politicians so they remain in power. A rigged system that has buried this state in unconscionable debt, and bred corruption at the highest levels. Illinois Citizen Uprising will join with citizens across Illinois and demand structural changes to Illinois government.  Illinois Citizen Uprising’s mission is to give the voters an opportunity to vote on two constitutional amendments that will change the corrupt political system this state is mired in: term limits of 8 years for all members of the Illinois General Assembly, and an independent commission to draw fair legislative maps that will promote competition. Additionally, this organization will work towards the defeat/removal of Speaker Mike Madigan. Madigan has become the single greatest obstacle to every effort at real reform.


(Watseka--jc)  -- Officials with the Watseka school district took precautionary measures on Thursday following some social media posts caused concern. School officials brought in local law enforcement to help with the investigation. Several police vehicles were at Watseka High School on Thursday. Student and staff safety always a top priority for all schools


(Gibson City--ab)The Gibson City Rotary Club has begun selling their 2019 fundraising calendars.  This year these 8" x 10" colorful calendars are available for a $20 donation to the Gibson City Rotary Club.  There will be 56 drawings throughout the year, and each drawing has a prize valued at least $100 assigned to it.  Each calendar is assigned 3 unique numbers, giving THREE chances to win on each of the 56 drawings, which means your $20 donation to Rotary gives you 168 chances to be a winner. Those interested in a donation calendar are asked to contact any Rotary Club member.


(Springfield--jc)  The state’s unemployment rate dropped to four point one percent last month, matching the lowest rate on record in Illinois. The August rate is done more from the previous month says State Department of Employment Security Spokesperson Bob Gough…



State Department of Employment Security Spokesperson Bob Gough.


(Lake Iroquois--jc)  -- Its a 50th anniversary open house on Sunday for those in the Lake Iroquois area. A dedication is set for 1 on Sunday afternoon. Basketball and volleyball games, a home run derby and bingo hilite the event at the lake pavilion E I E C is helping the event by providing food. The public is invited to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lake Iroquois.


(Springfield--jc)  -- A 13 member team of first responders is in North Carolina helping with hurricane recovery efforts. The Illinois Task Force One Swiftwater Team is providing mutual aid says team leader Chuck Gross…



Illinois Task Force One Swiftwater Team Leader Chuck Gross.

So far the team has been involved in over a dozen rescues and has also helped with rising flood waters and also hooking up generators for gas stations.



(Paxton--dg)  -- With harvest upon us, many people will be out traveling that aren’t familiar with rural areas. Ford County Sheriff Mark Doran has some advice for driving on rural roads...



Ford County Sheriff Mark Doran



(Paxton--jc)  -- The Paxton IGA is hosting a cookout from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m on Saturday. The cookout will raise funds for Toys for Tots. On the menu is Pork chop sandwiches, chips and pop.


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